Original Art For Sale


These are the original works currently available.

I'm going to try something new. I'm going to avoid fixed prices. I want to be paid fairly, but I will also take into account the emotional reaction and connection that a specific person may have regarding my art.

I understand that the economic possibilities will vary greatly from customer to customer. If you really like something I created and must have it, contact me. Please include the number of the piece you are interested in.

I will inform you of the amount of time I put into the art and I will listen to what you have to offer. I will never make a deal in which I'm not happy and hope that all my customers are happy as well.

Shipping in the United States will never be over $15 for the most part (usually less than $10). International shipping will vary.

I will also accept commissions under these terms. Contact me if you' re interested or if you have any doubts.





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